Quickspin’s first game in the Reactor-style format is a slot machine called Golden Glyph.

Quickspin, an online game production company, is celebrating the successful launching of Golden Glyph, the first reactor-style game it has created. The new game takes place on a 7×7 grid and is set in ancient Egypt. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for gamers who want to play games in the portrait orientation on their smartphones or tablets. The intention of the development team was to produce a slot machine that merged aspects of traditional puzzle games with the power-ups that are typically found in role-playing games. The good news for anyone who is a fan of either of these types of games is that this target was accomplished very excellently.

The Format of the Golden Glyph

The presentation of Golden Glyph takes place against the backdrop of an exquisitely drawn panorama. This panorama depicts not just the pyramids of ancient Egypt, as one might assume, but also a birds-eye view of the homes that once encircled them. The grid itself has a gold frame, and to the left of that frame is an exposed section of a golden wheel. This wheel is utilized to hold Power-Ups, as we will describe in a little bit more detail a little bit later on in this lesson.

The symbols are rendered in a vivid cartoon style, and they are shown on slabs of stone. The symbols include full-color portraits of Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, and Horus, hieroglyphic figures signifying water, an eye, an ankh, and a serpent, a golden wild, a Golden Glyph, which is also wild, and a number of special Power-Up symbols that only occur on the golden wheel. All of these symbols are exclusive to the golden wheel.

The key to winning is to form clusters of at least five symbols that are identical to one another. When a player has a winning combination, the winning symbols are removed from the grid. This makes it possible for the remaining symbols to fall into the newly formed vacant spaces, and it also allows more symbols to fall into play from the top of the reels. This opens up the possibility of winning more than once, in which case the newly discovered winning cluster will likewise be eliminated, and the aforementioned mechanism will continue to operate in the same manner for as long as there are winning clusters to be discovered.

Powerful Wild Capability

In the main game, extended runs of winning clusters are made much easier to obtain thanks to a Power Wild symbol that will emerge in one of the empty spots left by the winning cluster that came before it. If that Power Wild assists you in completing another winning cluster, it will also make a Power-Up available to you at that time.

Golden Glyph Serves as a Power-Up Function

When you first begin playing the game, the piece of the golden wheel that is visible to you will already have five different Power-Up icons stacked upon it. The Blaze of Fire, the Golden Scarab, and the Eye of Horus are the other Power-Ups that have a chance of appearing on the wheel. The fifth Power-Up is always the one that activates the Free Spins Bonus game, and it is always the one that comes up.

Free Spins Feature with the Golden Glyph

You will be given nine free spins when this feature is activated, and you will be able to gain three extra free spins if you unlock the Free Spins Bonus Power-Up. A Golden Glyph symbol will be placed anywhere on the grid at random, and despite the fact that its position on the grid will shift from spin to spin, it will continue to be in play for the entirety of the free spins bonus round. The Golden Glyph is a wild symbol, and if it contributes to a winning combination, the multiplier associated with that combination will grow by one step, up to a maximum of x99.






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